Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Points to ponder

The day after ...

What do you do the day after a race.

I sit down and ponder the good and not so good aspects of my performance.
Well while everything is hurting , I am not going anywhere fast.

The good points.

  1. My race preparation was good.
  2. I was rested
  3. I managed to get my puncture sorted out and I had it before the race
  4. I travelled well despite the tyranny of the distance
  5. I had friends at the race
  6. I got a pros guided tour of the bike course
  7. I swam well and the water was very comfortable for me
  8. The atmosphere was good
  9. The course was spectacular
  10. The hotel accommodation was good and close to the race start
  11. I had great company on the trip
  12. No injuries
  13. I had lost 5 kgs
  14. I was mentally ready for the race.
  15. Met the lardman     (
  16. substituted and took on the electrolyte and nutrition on the course when my gatorade was finished .
  17. persisted with the run despite the extreme pain 

The Not so Good Points

  1. I had not done enough hill work and whilst my biking had improved it was ill directed(I was much stronger on the flats as shown by my Spore 70.3 bike split)
  2. But when it came to hills I did not have the strength.
  3. I miscalculated my calorie intake for the ride and did not bring sufficient gatorade on the trip
  4. I had to use the power electrolyte drink and coke on the course
  5. I dropped my power bars and had to get some from the aid station much further than I wanted.
  6. I was not consistent on the ride
  7. I got the wrong bag at T1
  8. I was slow in Transition
  9. I should have put in more salt into my gatorade mix
  10. Rode more hills before the race
  11. Done hill repeats for the whole training period
  12. lost more weight
  13. Built up my strength on the bike for the run
  14. learn to run through the pain
  15. Not so good core strength.