Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puerto del carmen ....Lanzarote

Air Europe plane to Lanzarote

Iam really here .Finally. What a feeling. After two days of transiting and flying I arrived at Lanzarote at 7.15  pm local time on Monday evening.

I got my bike case and took a taxi to my accommodation .It is Apartment Loco Blanco.A hotel in the town of Puerto del Carmen.It is also the start of the race and transition and finish of Ironman Lanzarote.It is pretty much a small town with lots of hotels and apartments , and a chaotic road system.Everything else outside the town is just a bit like a lunar landscape.White ,Greek style houses in a very start barren landscape of volcanic rock.

I got up pretty early today but Iam still adjusting tot he time difference.I did sleep really well last night and I got a fairly large room .It has a bedroom with 2 single beds , a bathroom and a living room for my bike and a kitchenette with a fridge and cooker and oven.(Not that I will be doing any cooking as dining out is pretty cheap.) I did a 45 minute easy run along the coast.It was pretty impresive with an undulating run and some drops to the sea below. There were only shopkeepers and restaurant staff and the road sweeper out and about..I did see Gaye coming back from her run .She is an early riser.I got up at 5am and went out at 6am but it was just too dark to run in a strange new place so I went back to the room.After the run I rushed back to get my swim gear and went to the beach.Gaye couldn't wait any longer for me as she had arranged to meet Kate Belaquava at 8am.I got there and we all set off for a lap of the swim course .Took 40 minutes but I felt very comfortable and the water was perfect.It was nice and fresh (cool) but very clear .There was lots of marine life.I saw schools of blue colored fish and even a baby octopus half buried in the sand as I swam over it.
After the morning swim JC , Gaye and Kate B
riding back to town

Gaye Mckean

After the swim we all rode for about 60 minutes .I had a puncture midway and had to change my brand new tubular.Will now have to get another tubular as a spare for the race. But I did manage to change it in under 12 minutes. Did not have any gas cannisters so I used my pump. Hopefully that is the last puncture I have.So much for the competition kevlar protected Tubulars I got.. I had a few mishaps on the ride .I dropped my camera whilst trying to take pictures and ride.Kids don't try this at home.Whilst changing my tubular my cannister flew onto the road and I had to try and retrieve it and fortunately there wasn't any cars about as I slipped on my the middle of the road. Still trying to get used to riding on the right side of the road .I was caught out a few times riding on the left but the car waited patiently for me to get over onto the right side.
It was suppose to be a pic but camera was on video mode 

Today was especially a thrill as I spent the whole morning doing what I love and had great company especially  getting a commentary from Kate B on the course.Its not too often that I get a guided tour from a pro. I did mention to her mom that Kate probably got a bit worried as I approached her at Singapore and Busselton and look like a demented Tri stalker. We spent the rest of the morning having coffee and then lunch and chatting about all things Tri..Life didn't get any better today accept for the puncture. (no cameras were damaged in the making of the pictures or video clip)