Monday, May 16, 2011

The journey begins....

Barcelona Airport waiting for flight to Lanzarote 16 May 2011

I left Perth on Saturday night on a Tiger Airways flight. It was a no frills flight and arrived at the budget terminal at Singapore at 3am .I hung around the airport till 6am and had my breakfast before catching a taxi to my wife's aunts house.Had a chance to have a shower and sleep for a few hours.

It was pretty hot in Singapore .My bike looked Ok and left it at the Left Luggage section at the Airport so I did not have to lug the bike case around. It was only 9 Sing dollars for the day . I had a really short haircut and then did a run in the afternoon .It was humid as and I sweated lots.But it was good to just be moving around. It was a really slow run.

I met up with Enrico at Parkway Parade on the way to the Airport.Spent 3 hours talking about Triathlon.We both joked that like any addiction when we go to Addiction counselling session, I will start with the line, "Hallo my name is John....Iam an addict...I am addicted to Ironman". Not so funny when Enrico will be doing Ironman number 11 and i will be doing number 7.

It was really nice to finally be on the way. It will be a long trip.

I got to the airport real early and again had no problems getting my bike into cargo.It was weighing 23kgs. I managed a small bag of clothes as well and carried the rest as hand luggage. I am travelling real light..the flight to Barcelona was about 13 hours. I kept falling asleep for short 30 to an hour periods. The flight was great and food was good . Just a long flight. Did get to see the island of Sardenia as we flew past . I was last in sardenia 11 years ago. Looked really beautiful and green from the air.

I booked myself into a room at the airport for 5t hours and had a light nap. Lunchat the cafeteria and then checked into the last leg .Again got away without having to pay for the bike.

looking forward to arriving in lanzarote.the weather in Barcelona is a very comfortable 15 to 23 C