Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barcelona Post Race Recovery

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I am now in Barcelona . Arrived late last night with Enrico and Mel.Late night and fortunately no early morning training for a while.Got breakfast at 9 am and then headed out on a walk around the hotel.Took us 5 hours to make our way back.the legs got a good work out and are still tender.

It was a beautiful day and quite warm in Barcelona. I have downloaded pictures I took today on my training free day but with the warm day and the walking I have done I am sure I have burned some calories.

I am not really drinking at 1.30 am when beer is cheaper than coke

Staying at the hotel in the Ramblas , Barcelona

Signed up for the Wrong Triathlon

The markets near our Hotel

A Real Ironman in Barcelona

Enjoying the lively street life 

Getting lost