Sunday, May 15, 2011

Effort ....

After 5 months of training I am finally heading to Lanzarote in the Canary ISLANDS . It has been a learning experience and all the cliches we hear about on embarking on a journey . As I rode today before flying off , another lonely ride in the early morning ( well not as early as past training rides but I slept in and left at 6.20am) I still do not know what drives this .

I thought of all the rides I had done , the training , the many aspects of racing and the many more areas of improvement.It is one big jigsaw puzzle . I don't have it down pat yet. I weigh 69kgs and that seems to be the weight I will be racing at .Just short of the 68kg I was aiming for.

I am excited and nervous. Same feelings different race. Leading up to the last week of training I am especially cautious as there is a tendency to have a few accidents and one tends to be more vulnerable just before the race. But fortunately no accidents. A few near misses. I had a few yobbos yelling at me at the road as well. Not sure what the thrill is in screaming as you drive by at 100kph past a cyclist.I can never decipher what they are saying.

The thrill is in racing but it is not without meaning but for the journey  the sacrifice, the effort .I don't think I can learn without taking all the small steps and making my own mistakes.The best is yet to come  . It is with effort and hard work but I would not have it any other way. Just dare to dream.