Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Ready to Race....Living the dream

bike and gear ready this really a TTbike course?

run rack 1254

bike all racked up in a covered area...lucky

2 paratriathlete world champions and cute dog....inspiring

I did manage to sleep but got up at 3am when the phone rang . I did get back to bed and slept till 7am .
I then went for a short swim .There were triathletes about and it was overcast with storm clouds gathering .
Did the swim  and then went for a short 45 minute bike ride with some efforts.Rode to the airport and back .There was wind about and riding back managed to hit 48kph. I then did a short 10 minute run round the town.

That was the preparation for the day.The rest of the day I just hung around waiting for Saturday to come round.
I have checked and double checked my bags and bike . Nothing else to do but wait. It is the worse and the best time. I feel good , a little edgy and nervous yet so glad I am finally here. Whatever happens I have done everything  I can to make the race as enjoyable and successful.

The only thing is to soak it all up and put it all out there . I am surrounded by good friends and family and I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and to be able to race. For me it is as much a religious experience as it can be and this is the culmination of a sojourn , a Road to Damascus experience I have at each Ironman race.

That is reflected in the energy at these events .Each athlete has his or her own story , emotion , pain and sacrifice woven into the journey that makes it more than a race , much more than just a day in each of their lives. The day is just the by product of the experience each day for the past several months. For me it is not just my training but the friendships I make with the people I train with, my friendships with athletes I have met and the new friendships I make along the way.

After check in we hung aound watching the myriad of expensive bikes going through to transition.lots of fast looking bikes and atheletes.Ran into Mark and Helen from the UK whom we met at the registration yesterday and got introduced to Jane Egan a paratriathlete and current world champion and next to her was the former world champion in the sprint event for 2 years with her adorable dog.She doesn't race anymore but does wheelchair marathons.With so many inspiring people around  ,it is uplifting and puts everything in perspective.

Whatever happens it is an experience from standing with 1500 other people at the start to hopefully crossing the line and all the issues and dramas that may confront each person out on the course. It makes one stronger for trying .Facing the demons is half the battle. Good luck to my fellow West Aussies out on the field particularly Gaye Mckean for her strength and fortitude and  to Enrico for the leadership and motivation .They all have a story to tell and are an inspiration to have known and shared this journey with.