Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feel it in your heart

Sunday 24 April was a rest day spent doing precisely that , resting . I slept soundly after the long ride on Saturday.

I watched the movie Rio with my son Jonathan who laughed at all the inappropriate bits in the movie ,like a counter cyclical response to normal humour. But its a cartoon. The best line was Blu the rare blue macaw could not fly and being told flying is not in the head , its in the heart . Like training for an Ironman sometimes its better not to think too much about the stats and just go with how you feel.
Read the : Channelnewsasia review of rio

On Anzac day it was a morning swim at Cottesloe. We did a short swim of about 35 minutes and in the evening I did an easy 2 hour run ( was a bit shorter ) . The weather was fine and I ran an easy pace although the legs were still a little sore from Saturday's ride .

Exceed Group having just finished their swim

The start and end of the swim

I did I think was my last 1.5 hour hard session and for the exceed group the last hour of power Tuesday session for several months. It was a little slow on my own but managed to join everyone in the second lap and made it a lot better.One of the riders on Birwood crashed ...possibly hit the curb so Ross stayed with him.He wasn't in out group but was apparently an Australian rower training for the World championships. The little group I was in soon merged with Joe and Rods group and the speed went up a notch. By the end of the session I was having a coughing fit from the cold air and my asthma.

We had breakfast at Northbridge and I rode home with Jeremy .Did 85km for the morning and the legs were feeling too bad.