Saturday, April 16, 2011

Long Rides and Birthday parties

Jonathan cutting his cake at the PERTH Zoo

Saturdays are always a tough day. Particularly today . I had to get my ride in before my son's birthday party at 11am I had promised to be back by 10am but that just didn't happen . I got up pretty early and I was out of the house by 4.30am . It is always hard riding down the freeway at that time in the dark. Got to Fremantle as the sun was rising but it was still pretty dark .I dropped my light and had to retrieve it and then fix it. There wasn't too many riders up yet and the road along Bicton was difficult with roadworks and sand making it really hard to judge the shoulder of the road and avoid the sand .

I was in the middle of the road for a fair bit. I finally made it to the narrows with 3 minutes to spare. The Exceed group then took off although Ross was late. I followed Nat and Rod was behind me. Did not see the rest of the group for the next 2 hours. They never caught us. i just hung onto Nat and we got to the turnaround about 1.5hrs into the ride I was struggling a bit because the pace was hard. I was also running out of water. Fortunately Nat did a detour to the Baldivis petrol station and I got a coke and water.but with the heat , that did not last and I had to get another bidon towards the end. Rod continued when we went to the Station and I lost Nat soon after we started back. The legs were just gone.

Joe and Johnny H soon passed me and I stayed with them for a while but again when there was a slight rise I just could not keep up and was on my own. I limped back to South Perth . I had done about 170km although I stopped the garmin when I got to the end and then rode to the Perth Zoo where I waited for the family. It worked out well although I had to do 200km today I will do that next week .

It was probably not one of the better rides but at least for the 130kms I managed to stay with Nat for about 70km. I definitely did not take enough carbohydrates for the ride nor water which is always an issue when I had ridden 55km even before the start of the group ride down the freeway.
There were lots of people out training for Busso I presume.

At least i can tick off this ride. I was hoping to make it back before 10 but getting dropped probably made that harder.I could not do my run off the bike. It was the zoo and JJ's party .he had fun and by the time we got home I was really tired. A nap in the arvo helped.

Its an ocean swim and footy at Subiaco in the afternoon .