Sunday, April 10, 2011

A small hiccup

Cottesloe Beach on a cold windy Sunday

Not everything goes to plan. I got up on Saturday morning feeling tired and sore with a raspy throat and knew I wasn''t up to a 200km ride. I decided to just give it a miss. In the end it was the right decision on many levels. I actually did not come down with anything and it was just a mild sore throat but it was the right decision. I spent the day with my kids.

I was just tired and my body was telling me to have a break. Oddly enough I have been lucky to avoid major injuries primarily as I have not tried to push on when I felt I was getting too tired.It is a difficult balance as pushing the body both in speed and volume has helped me improve my times particularly as my weight has fallen.

Having said that I have not been able to replicate my run times from 2  to 5 years back when able to run the city to surf 12km in 56 minutes and the 10km in 45minutes weighing alot more than Iam now. Although last year I did run a fast 5km in 4.30 pace at lunch time.

It is difficult navel gazing about performance and achievement after all in the scheme of life it is a very small factor of no relevance to anyone else yet I devote hundreds of hours of training to achieve a PB in a race.It is 1 day in the year and it is over in the twinkling of an eye as Ironman South Africa is unfolding as I write this piece.

But my blog and training are a collection of emotions and feelings about this very personal journey. It defines me and what I am experiencing.

I came  across Ryan Schneiders blog (he writes for Lavaman ) and he summarised the experience:
Ryan Schneider

Everyone is capable of completing an Ironman – each in their own way. Ironman is a metaphor for picking a massive personal goal, pursuing it passionately, appreciating the journey along the way, and celebrating the accomplishment once it’s been achieved

His blog is : Ironmadman

He also wrote a piece about blogging and triathlon . The key is candor , constructive comment and consistency. I hope I deliver on these despite the introspective and very specific topic. It is first and foremost a record of my training and experiences. It is meant to be honest and brutal at times .I hope I have not sugar coated the experience. It is meant to be constructive.i try to see the positives amidst the difficult weeks and the races that  don't go well. It is all about life and training is a reflection of the bigger world .Not everything goes to plan even with the best laid out plans.

this has been one such week where I have had to take a step back . The blog is also a record of the experience and the wider purpose and fitting in with my other life.Advocacy and Disability . I am slowly trying to reach out to the community I interact with to gather up support and fund raise for a worthy cause.It is slow moving but I am hopeful. juggling all the responsibilities of work , family and training and volunteering is what makes it interesting . I would rather be busy than idle. Again it is a balance between juggling all the balls in the air and reaching and serving all and just mastering none.

This Sunday I did my Ocean swim with a wetsuit and it was cold in the morning with a stiff breeze .It has been a few months since we all used our wetsuits. It was a short swim just under 1.5km and did it in about 30 minutes with me zigzagging around as I followed a swimmer who actually headed for the beach rather than the Tea House so I had to swim out again making a bit of a detour. It was nice to be out . in the evening I did my long run of just over 2 hours . It  was comfortable and I did not go out hard.It was slower than my run last week as well but it was on a slightly more undulating road run.

After the swim as we had coffee and muffins at Daisies , the discussion is always about triathlons and clearly if we all could we would be riding , swimming and running all day but life gets in the way. On the other hand making it a profession would need talent and determination and guts .It is still not a big earner in the world of sports for the level of training and just physical pain one has to go through.

Like all dreams they have to start somewhere . As the training for Lanzarote rolls on I am reminded by Tony that the Kona lottery winners will be announced on the 15th of April . That will be a dream come through given my blog address.