Friday, April 8, 2011

Running On Empty

My week always begins with the heavier sessions .Monday started with a lie in as I just could not get out of bed .Common occurrence for me after a quiet Sunday doing no training.But I did run my long session of 2 hours on Monday instead of Wednesday.I did 21km in under 2hours with a break for a drink. I was tired and my left knee was sore but I felt I was moving better .

I could not swim in the evening as I had the North Coast Tri Club Committee meeting.

It was up early on Tuesday but it was a much easier session .Just 30minutes at threshold followed by 15 minutes easy and 15 minutes at threshold. I just rode behind and did not try to take a turn at the front. I had sore legs from the run. Managed to cling on and survive. Did about 60kms

In the evening I got down to Perry lakes and started my run earlier and did about 3km before Brad started the session. I did a 2km warm up followed by 3,3, 4,4 ,3 minutes at Ï pace which was 4.35 minutes per km for me.After each block we had a rest that was 30sec less than the block we ran. I felt pretty good and the legs were holding up.I was doing the runs under the pace and the last 4 minutes were at 4.15 pace.

It was a long day with approximately 3.5 hours of training.
Wednesday was a more relaxing affair .I could not make the swim sessions so I swam on my own .Did just over 2km .

Thursday was a wet day and I rode to Nedlands and then round the river with threshold efforts on the flat roads along the way. I got pretty wet despite the rain jacket I was wearing. Rode home after work with a total mileage of 72km.

training so far for the week:

Run : 3.5hrs or 33.5km
Swim: 2km
Bike: 5 hours or 130km