Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot & Cold

Katy Perry singing with Elmo my ride It was Hot & Cold

It was a tough day. It was suppose to be 200km but I got home in 180km but it was a hard 180. First getting up and getting out was hard. I had planned on an early start but I only got out of the house at 5.40am .I met up with Jeremy by chance on Alexander Drive and got to the Narrows with lots of time to spare before we all headed down the freeway. I rode behind Jay to the end and then everyone took off at race pace and I was on my own till John came by and I just followed him back till the turn off for Roe Highway . My Garmin was full and so about  10km was not recorded as I had to delete the old data before the Garmin would continue to record the ride. So the overall ride was 180km and I know it.

I was then on my own . I again took a necessary stop at the BP Station on Welshpool Road.Got more water and a bottle of coke. The weather was humid but overcast with dark clouds about and I was worried it was going to rain. I then continued climbing up to Canning Mills road and then onto Kalamunda .It was a quick descent along Mundaring Weir road and the a climb pass Mundaring Weir Hotel .It was 11am and it was now pretty hot. I only had two gels for the ride so I was eating all the sweets and 1 powerbar that I had. Got to Mundaring at 12 noon and had a coke at the dome before the push home. The legs were sore but the last 25 kms were largely downhill. Nearly got cleaned up by a Ute pulling out of a side street as I was coming down a hill in Helena Valley .My bike actually shook from my sudden braking . I felt better towards the end but the hills and heat had taken its toll . I got home after nearly 7 hours . I did a 28 minute run and it was my fastest yet .I ran about 5.5km.


2 bottles of gatorade
2 bottles of coke
2 shotz gels
lots of sweets and snakes and dates.
1 powerbar
1 breakfast bar
3 bidons of water

Probably the nutrition wasn't quite sufficient but I usually would have 5-6 gels. I lost about 1.5kgs in fluid I presume .

Training for the week.
Swim: 2 hours
Bike: 11.5hours
Run: 4 hours