Friday, April 15, 2011

I am so Excited

Monday 11 April , I was sore from my run and slept in but made the swim session in the evening. Did 2.2 km with the main set of 7 x 200m . Tuesday was the hard back to 1.5 hrs hard.My legs weren't tired but I struggled to take my turn in the front after the 2nd lap. But i managed to stick to the group . It was a hard session  .I think we averaged over 37kph. In the evening I did a 13.5 km run session with 17minutes running at "Ï"pace which was suppose to be 4.31  minutes/km but we were probably doing more than that.


Wednesday was n easy day with just a swim session.I dragged myself out of bed and got to the pool by 6am it was a good session and I MANAGED TO stay with the group in lane 1 . did a warm up of 500m and then drills and then 7 x 200m and a cool down of 200 with some kicking. a total of 2.6km.

Thursday , got to Nedlands and saw tony running along Thomas Road at 5.45am . Met the guys at nedlands and did 45 minutes at threshold on the bike followed by 15 minutes running. I was with Michelle and managed a good pace till Ross and Katy caught up on the last lap . We the rode together and got back to the carpark at Birwood and ran off the bike. Michelle took off and I just hung in there and for the first time I wasn't last.i even caught up with Rod before he sprinted past me in the last 100meters.I would have done just about 3 km .

Friday I slept in and I was tired. i did run in the arvo and it was an easy run of 50 minutes in king's park.probably did about 7.5 to 8km and felt comfortable.It was after all an easy run. I swam in the evening session and it was a good workout.

Did 600m with a PB and then 50m backstroke and 50m breast x 3 , followed by 13 x 100m at various paces starting with a medium , firm , fast , recovery and fast again with a 15 sec break in between.Rossco timed us at 1.34 for the fast 100m .That was the fastest 100m I have done .he was pleased.

Tomorrow is the longish ride but with a birthday party at the zoo I have had to cut short the ride so it won't be as long as it should be but will swap it round for next week.