Sunday, April 17, 2011

Staying the Course

The week is done . No injuries . Lots of positives and some negatives. Pressure of work and training has been a constant but I have learnt to keep perspective and stay focused. Life is very much a live in the moment feel. Enjoy .It is fleeting and short.Today is now a memory .But what a memory.

I read lots on the net .I came across Ryan Sneiders blog .He captures his thoughts on the past 10 years and his journey in Triathlon and life. It encompasses whats lots in triathlon feel.It is a life changing moment and why it is such.

He states:
'But what the hell does this have to do with triathlon?
Simple. Triathlons are scary. There’s that whole open-water swimming thing. And with sharks!? Why would anybody want to do that??? And oy, the cycling! You can fall and die or get paralyized so easily! (Heck, I almost did a few years ago.) Don’t even get me started on the running either. You could fall over and die like all these other runners out there when they get heart attacks and keel over.

Ironman!?!?! You can’t be serious!!!???

Life is scary. Expectations are scarier. Pressure can be terrifying.

But the risk is worth the reward, in my opinion. Whether deciding to buck what your parents want, or a lucrative job, or a nice car, — or in our case what people think of our “lifestyle” — what matters is getting the most out of life.

Ten years ago, I made a choice to do just that.

I haven’t looked back since.

And if you’re reading this blog, I suspect you’re not either.
Ryan Sneider - Ironmand
I got out of bed this morning with the single purpose of getting down to Cottesloe for a swim. Why I am asked by non tri friends and colleagues .Because I can , I want to and I feel so much more alive for having done it. Today was no different. The sky was overcast with dark clouds hovering. Good shark weather we joked  but one of the guys on a ski told us there were dolphins and a seal in North Cott .Did not see them but saw a large school of small fish swimming about near the Blue Duck Cafe. The water was nice and calm and I had a good swim. We swam at a  guess 2km in about 45 to 50 minutes .
It was then to Daisies for coffee and some great muffins - raspberry and white chocolate. I was still sore from the ride and I had dropped a further 1/2 to 1kg in weight .I now weight under 70kg. Probably a first in over 30 years .
I had a lovely lunch at the Subiaco Stadium watching the Dockers against the Kangaroos game ( Australian Rules Football) Not exactly my sport but it was good fun . Good company , food and drink but we did all have to be dressed in a coat and tie which was a little out of place with the docker's crowd.
And as another week of training ends , I have lots to learn from it. I struggled on the ride with a less than disciplined fuel and fluid intake. I have to keep at my swimming but the improvements are noticeable. I have also learnt to appreciate life more.A friend sent me a short email about having to undergo surgery in a few weeks as he has a suspected /possible cancerous tumour. Its a shock and I wonder how would I cope at such news and how fragile every life is.
I hope like my training and preparation for a race , I will meet any challenge head on.