Sunday, June 27, 2010

Run & Run

Whilst the weekend in Perth was blue skies and no rain, the temperature was cold.

I decided to bite the bullet and do a long run on Sunday and again got all the warm weather gear on including gloves and headed out the door at 7.45am .

I ran from home to the city for 1 hour and then turned back and ran home. Managed a negative split of 2.5 minutes but I was running steady and not so fast.the legs were ok and managed to keep it all together. Had just 500ml of gatorade .

Took the kids out for lunch and then JJ to the park and then home.Did another 45 min easy run in the afternoon .Legs were holding up well.Just a sore heel and middle toe in the left foot which I will need to watch. It maybe the shoe which is a Saucony Hurricane and not the Kayanos I usually run with.

Again it was pretty quiet on the road this morning . Just some cars , workmen resurfacing the road and not a lot else. It was pretty easy run and I may decide to run to work later in the training.

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