Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ad Hoc Training

The week is nearly over and has passed rapidly.

It been a busy one and I do not know where the time has gone .Work has been busy and have tried to fit in my training schedule which at the moment is ad hoc.

On Monday I skipped swimming and just rested in the day and ran for an hour in the evening . Did the sand trails in kings Park again and it was cold and dark. On Tuesday , back to the hour hard ride at Nedlands and managed to go a little faster but largely thanks to a bigger group.Managed to stay with the group for the first 10 km lap and then lost the faster riders .I caught up with Rod and we worked together for the second lap and in the third lap I caught up with the group again and stayed with them till the end. Felt much better than last week and was an average speed of 31.5 including my slow ride out to Nedlands.

On Wednesday , I ran at lunch time for 45 mins and after work did a quick 35 min session and then a swim session .Lots of drills and kicking ...ouch. This morning , it was too cold to cycle ALONE to Fremantle so I just did the work circuit and ran on the threadmill at Gym on the way home .Total time of 1.40m . Nothing taxing.

Last week was about 13 hours and this week I plan to do a long hills ride and a long run on Sunday.

Nothing like a bit of chaotic planning . I will start my training program in August after a short discussion with Ross. so I still have July to relax. sort off with the Painathon coming and City to surf in 2 months.Weight is marginally down at 75 to 75.5kg .

Got a n email from jone re the Painathon and hope to start fundraising tomorrow starting with my office but if anyone out in Internet land wish to pledge /sponsor my attempt please send me a comment with a contact.

G'day P-Team,

With August 1st approaching i'm glad to say from both an organisational, entry and volunteer point of view the event is yet again coming together. Half Painathletes and Solo Painathletes are now level pegging for numbers (~25 each) so we've got a good crowd already with alot of time to go. Plenty of newbies who have little idea what they're in for, a number of returns from hiatus and the few who have the guts to handle this form of physical stress year in, year out.


Spread the word
I encourage you all to get the word out. Painathlon is a little bit viral, news of it reaches far and wide by word of mouth, tri-club newsletters and other means. Our main aim is to get to the people who are likely to give it a go.


The reason
It is easy to get lost amongst the excitement of trying something crazy but the reason I set this event up was to fundraise grants for Variety kids who may never be able to complete an ordeal such as the Painathlon due to their physical disadvantages. Even if you each get just your mum, a friend and a workmate to sponsor you, it will make the effort that much more meaningful when you're busting your gut up a challenge.
Although completing 10/10 challenges within the cutoff is an elite achievement in itself and worthy of major athletic kudos, you'll note prize money is not a feature. Beyond basic running costs, every excess cent of entry fee's goes toward Variety. Our team and all the volunteers are all unpaid.
As an incentive, we offer a Painathlon Sportsfever shirt to all those who can raise $250 and hand in/transfer it before the event start.

Finally , read Chuckie V's great blog on training:

The Work Week Part Two: Captain Plan It

As I've already proposed in my last blog, IT IS ONLY QUALITY TRAINING IF IT ELICITS QUALITY RESULTS, and those, of course, are defined entirely by the individual. (Recall that "training" is preparation for something else, not a goal in and of itself.) So "quality" can be a number of things: hard efforts, easy efforts, no efforts, name it. In training everything is affected by everything else (i.e., the holism of training), so quality's ultimate definition comes down to what occurs at the finish line (i.e., the bottom line), and whether it makes YOU happy with your performance…or not.

So much to learn and absorb , so little brain matter .