Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back into the Groove

It is cold in the mornings in Perth...not mind numbing cold weather but cold all the same.It was about 8 degrees centigrade today .I was still spluttering a bit and decided to just give the morning ride a miss .Feeling very lethargic but after work I did get to the gym and did an hour in a spin class.

It is odd that after a few years being a gym junkie , be it an unfit one, I do not feel any attraction to working out in doors .I would rather be out riding or running or swimming.

The class was fun but I did feel quite exhausted and weak after the session.It justified my decision to get back into training slowly to avoid any relapse. I do need to start running and will hopefully get some runs in the next few days. Less than 3 months to the Marathon and I will need to start doing some long runs.I start a proper programme in July for the IMWA in December.

I hope to start riding again this week as well and will need to set up my wind trainer for some long sessions indoors as there are going to be wet days in the next few weeks and it definitely will not be safe out on the roads.

An Mp in Ontario is proposing a 3 feet law which would require all vehicles to keep at least 3 feet or 1 m from a cyclist on the road. That would be a good law and ope it gets proposed here .Had my fair share of near misses with vehicles coming really close.

The weekend has also been a busy one on the racing circuit.Chrissie Wellington won Kansas 70.3 and her victory finish and interview was great.she is an inspiration and races from the heart .As she said after the finish ...she loves racing and triathlons.Its always a lot easier achieving your goals when doing something you love.