Sunday, June 20, 2010


I decided to give the Saturday ride a miss and opted for a threadmill run and pump class as my stomach was sore as.I didn't think I could take the long ride in the hills I had planned.

The run on the threadmill was a 40 min run with 20 mins at 12.5kph and the rest at 10kpm . I then did an hour pump class .I was pretty sore from not having done a pump class for so long .Seriously would consider returning to the class if my schedule allows as it is a good workout particularly for upper body and leg strength.I used to be a serious combat and pump addict till I stumbled on to triathlons.

I had a pretty easy week getting back into training.Probably too easy.But will now have to crank it up this coming week whilst trying to fit in a busy work week.Unfortunately it is always a balancing act which is hard.No easy fix solutions and I will just have to do the best.

Swim training starts up again . I have missd far too much in the past 3 weeks. But again stuff happens. My focus has to be in the clarity of decisions I have to make and priorities in my life and training. Like anything there is so much more going on both information and activity .The important and single issue is disecting what is important.

After 3 years of training, I have great difficulty in knowing what is maximising my time training wise and what is effective. It is a constant adventure of balance and making sure whatever I do is right and will work. Whatever it is , I do feel sometimes it is better to not worry about the detail but to keep moving.

The plan today is to run easy and then sit down and map out the events I will be doing. The Plan for the next 2 months as they will be the build period but critically I hope to compete in the Painathon which is only 5 weeks away and the City to surf which is about 10 weeks away.

Not quite the ideal preparation for the painathon . My diet remains critical and I may need to get some direction on this eventually. For the moment it is just trying to cut down the food intake in the evenings as much as possible and start getting back into my training .

see : 180 Degree Health

Whislt not easy .I am trying to simply my life.

Here is one of the websites I found on Zen Habits:

Section 1: Simplicity

* Decluttering
* Single-tasking
* Edit Your Commitments
* Eiminate All But the Essentials
* Don’t Do Everything on Your To-do List
* The Art of Doing Nothing
* Declutter Your Mind
* 72 Simplicity Tips
* Eat Slower

Section 2: Productivity

* Purpose Your Day: Most Important Tasks
* Focus on the Big Rocks
* Clear Out Your Inbox
* Clear Your Desk
* Become an Early Riser
* Become Motivated When You’re in a Slump
* Make the Most of Your Laziest Days
* Decompress After High Stress

Section 3: Happiness

* Cultivate Compassion in Your Life
* Escape Materialism
* Practical Tips for Living the Golden Rule
* Accept Criticism With Grace and Appreciation
* Have Faith in Humanity, and Restore Kindness
* Boost Your Self-ConīŦdence
* Live Your Life Consciously