Saturday, June 12, 2010


The secret is adaptation.I have struggled to get my running legs as I shake off the flu.But I console myself with the possibly misguided view that some deconditioning and downtime has to be good.I read somewhere that constant training which is what most athletes in conducive climates do , does lead to a higher incidence of chronic injuries and ultimately a skewered race/ training plan and possibly a shortened career as an endurance athlete.

So I hope the enforced rest will help .The cold mornings have made it difficult to get started and I have had difficulty with any activity.But I I am on antibiotics so that should help alot.I was hoping to start off the weekend with a hills ride but that has had to take a back seat.

I have 6 -7 weeks to the painathon so I do need to crank up he training and then 10 weeks to the marathon.With little training in the past 6 weeks I am hoping I can make a solid start back next week .It was an unexpected and longer break than I wanted.

I will start getting my act together and draw up a plan .This week was a non starter because of the lingering flu and my son accidentally got his left middle finger caught in the door and I had to spend 5 hours at the emergency department and the Saturday morning again at the hospital as he underwent surgery to the finger.Life's unexpected twist and turns . That put an end to any possible plans for training on the Saturday.

Fortunately , there is approximately , 22 weeks before IMWA and I have the advantage of time and a good break.The races in between are secondary to IMWA.

I have a little more time to enjoy reading the many blogs and news items on triathlon.I do wish I was in Sardenia at Luke McKenzies Training camp .I did spend a few weeks in Sardenia over 10 years ago and it is truly beautiful in Summer .

I will hopefully sign up for a camp one day.

For now life is one of adapting and trying to learn from the experiences of the past and counting ones blessings no matter how tough it gets I am reminded that it could be alot worse .As this weekend has proven ...