Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Its a cold

The cold is lingering and so decided to give swimming a miss this morning .Just did an hour run on a thread mill in the evening and stretch exercises after the run .Slowly getting better but will get some antibiotics as 2 weeks of this cold and flu is taking its toll.

I have been taking vitamin C tablets , fish oil and glucosamine and hopefully that will make a difference in the long term.Read a piece in SMH on exercise and diet and the upshot of the piece is having a balance and organic diet is so important.Avoid caffeine ,refined sugar ,alcohol, and processed foods.

How to get a body like Elle Macpherson's
June 8, 2010

Well the alcohol isn't a problem but following a strict regime isn't.I presently weigh 76kg with my joggers and clothes. We will see .I don't really want the Elle body but the weight will be good.

If all else fails I did toy with the idea of seeing a hypnotherapist as it will help me to break my bad eating habits.All the training isn't really going to help if I can't get my weight down.