Sunday, June 27, 2010

Le Ride

My first week back toward Busso went well.It was slow but steady. I had decided to skip the Thursday ride and instead ran at lunch time for 1 hr round kings park and then again in the evening I did a 45 min run on the threadmill with 10 minutes at 12.5kph and the rest at 10kph. On Friday , I swam in the evening and did the usual warm up and some drills and then 2 x 300, 3 x 200 and 3 x100 and a cooldown. 2.3km in total.

Saturday morning was really cold but I managed to get out of bed and headed for the hills . It was a slow 3.5 hr ride averaging about 25kph .There was 2 large pelotons coming from the hills and then just a handful of cyclist in the hills. It was pretty cold .The minumum was 0.7 C but in Jandakot , a suburb of Perth , it got down to -2.5C .It felt that cold in the hills and my feet and hands were just numb for the whole ride. I took it slow and did not blow my legs up the climbs .I only had one bottle of gatorade but did not feel tired. At Kalamunda Town I stopped at the Le Croissant for coffee and pastry before heading home through the Zig-Zag (used to be a rail line at the turn of the century to Kalamunda). It was a cloudless sky and the view of Perth city some 40 km away was great.

The legs were ok the next day so I hadn't pushed myself.

Sent Ross my plans and had a chat after the swim on friday. The great obstacle to training and improving remains my nutrition and weight. As he reminded me on friday I have been telling him I will get my weight down for the last 2 years.

May just have to start skipping the Le croissant on the Le ride....