Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 1 ....

I started the week of with a hour run found the park near my home. I was still aching from the weights class on Saturday so it was an easy run.Kept up my cadence and felt good.I then headed off for my first swim in a while.It was a small group and the weather was fine.I did a 2.2 km session with some drills and 6 x 200m .It was a great first workout.

Tuesday I got up early and headed out the door at 5.10am and to the city .I rode on to Birwood and met the group again.There were about 8 of us .Rod and Juliana were back after their African Odyssey

The adventure is at the South Perth Group rides .

Well after 12000km , a ride along the river is just a waddle . We did a 45 min session which was not too hard although at the end Stuart took off and I could not hang on to his wheel. Rode back for the best bit.....coffee and muffin . I was slow but everyone was just starting to get back into the grind.Quite a few of the guys have started their training for the Worlds in Budapest and the long course in Germany.I am in my first week of training for Busso .

After work this evening I headed to the gym and did some core exercises and stretches for 20 minutes and then did a spin class . It wasn't too taxing but did have a good sweat. Did about 3 hours today and feel good. Total ride mileage was about 65 km .