Monday, June 7, 2010

After the Storm

The past 2 weeks and the month after the Busselton Half haven't gone to plan.I was hoping on a little down time but continuing my training particularly swimming and workouts at the gym .Unfortunately the past two weeks have been an enforced rest with the flu really taking its toll.

In a way it has been good as it is the start of winter in Perth and its probably the best time to get sick if I had too.

It has allowed me the opportunity to catch up with a normal and family . My young son has been exploring playgrounds around Perth and I have seen lots .He has drawn up a list with descriptions and addresses and has them referenced to a map . So I have had the opportunity to explore Perth from a child's perspective.

It has allowed me to start my focus on the upcoming training as I start my programme towards IMWA on 5 December.I have had more time to read on the net and also to try and start planning for next year.The way the Ironman races are selling out it has been difficult. It seems that IM Malaysia may not be on next year , China is still undecided and with japan axed this year , there will be a wave of demand next year. I was thinking of New Zealand next year but it sold out super quick. Anyway , the focus remains IMWA with the intent to do a race mid year next year .

As for goals .I have IMWA and hopefully a PB. Short term goals are to also get my weight sorted out with a race weight about 6-8 kgs less than my present weight. I have 2 immediate races to train for:

1 The Painathon on 1 August 2010

2 The city to surf Marathon at the end of August

With a goal of finishing the Painathon and a PB for the marathon.Last year I only did 8 legs of the Painathon and my marathon time was 4.06.

I hope with the emphasis on losing weight I will be able to achieve the results. I will have to run a lot more in the next 2 months and with some niggling aches it will be interesting.

It leaves me lots of time for a good base build and focus on my core strength . I am riding better but my running has remained much the same. I went into the Busselton half at 76kg so I was a little heavier then normal.

I hopefully will be blogging more now and plan to try and be more disciplined about my training which for most of this year has been a little more relaxed, fun and unstructured.

It is the business end of the plan now. The forced break has been welcomed relief to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life.It isn't all training and particularly learning to train smart is a sense of feel and building up to it. I still feel I have so much to learn and at times nothing seems to work and Iam confused .But at the end of the day , I take a back step and I realise I am doing what I enjoy .That with all the mistakes still makes it so much more fun.

Today as I did absolutely nothing other than take my son to 2 playgrounds in Perth's Eastern suburbs I drove on roads in the hills I have ridden . I knew all the roads well and it was with a sense of achievement , I don't get lost in the hills these days .At least one advantage from all that training.