Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Slow Grind

It rained this morning so I slept in.The luxury of early season training I console myself.I did get an email from Rod who is doing the worlds in Budapest ,that there were 3 lonely souls riding and it did rain for the whole ride.Well I don't feel sorry as I would rather recover fully than have a relapse of this awful flu I had.

I did do a spin class and felt much better . It will be hopefully back to swim session and a run tomorrow .

I had a great email from an old friend who did his first triathlon last week. Hopefully the first of many. I also have been scouring the websites and it looks like IM China has a new site Jixian in Tianjin Province.


Will have to decide soon what races to do next year as they fill pretty quick.

It looks like Malaysia is out .It was a race I wanted to do and assumed it would be there for a few more years. Well there are lots of non ironman branded races as well. The next 2 months will probably sort everything out. Just need to get started.

Finally , had a great clip sent to me which sorts of sums up my life and probably many others in the middle of training:

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