Monday, March 1, 2010

Ironman Malaysia , the Winter Olympics and evrything about Sports

The Ironman season is cranking up as I follow the races on the internet. There is nothing quite like the excitement of an Ironman Race.The preparation and training all focussed on one day.

It was a hot race in Langkawi by all accounts and a shame Luke McKenzie had to withdraw with a stomach ailment at the 100km mark of the bike leg. I read on the "firstoffthebike"website that he wasn't too happy about the new WTC rule om prizemoney for the pros.They have to be within 8% of the winner to get any money.I think that is harsh and unfair as they really do not get a lot. For what WTC makes and the money that is in the sport I think they can be more generous.

I have been following Jocelyn Wongs blog and her incredible journey with Team TBB. Again a best ever 5th placing at IM Malaysia and China in 2 weeks.She has done a sub 10 in just 2 short years . Anything is possible ifyou put your mind to it and train hard.

There are no short cuts in Ironman racing.

The winter Olympics is a great reminder of the human spirit as is Ironman Malaysia ,no matter how tough the conditions. I am a firm believer in sports as a worthy pursuit and a great educator of values.

I have read the interesting and inspiring story of Clara Hughes , the Canadian speed skater and flag bearer for Canada.

There are many such inspiring stories and I remember my early days playing hockey .I had a very strict hockey coach but he taught us the sport , a love for sport and most of all discipline , friendship and passion.

I remember with fondness my formative years as sport dominated my life .I am fortunate in that I was in a family of sportman , with a dad and mom who played sports and so my earliest memories would be taken along to various sports venues watching my dad play cricket on a Sunday .

As such it would be great if I only had one wish it would be a world where all children could have the freedom , security and the basics of life to be able to play sports. The world will be a more peaceful place if all the energy was focussed on sports.