Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When it rains...

The week began much the same for me.I struggled to get motivated on Monday morning so I decided I would either run or swim in the evening.I was vaguely aware of the weather forecast for Perth with thunderstorms predicted on Monday .

On the way to work , the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 720Perth Station was doing a short piece on weather and that a rain gauge in Mt Lawley a suburb of Perth had recorded no rain despite some rain falling in other areas in metropolitan Perth and was known to have produced some odd results in calculating rainfall in Perth.

Little did anyone know that in less than a few hours Perth would have the worst deluge of rain and hailstones in 16 years.All this after nearly 3 months of no rain.
The damage after the rain is estimated to be in the tens of millions and possibly over 100 million.

I started at 4pm and continued into the night.I was stuck in traffic but made it out alive.I called Ross to see if swim training was on as running unless it was on a thread mill was out. I got a message that swimming was on...i did not jump for joy.

There was absolutely no one in the outside pool and only 5 guys had rocked up .got in and did a 200m warm up amidst the leave matter all over the pool. the 200m of drills and started a 18x 100m set.i was into the 3 set when we got pulled out as the lightning was getting dangerously close. we headed into the indoor pool and did some more drills and then some fun sprint races.I was so slow.

It was not quite a swim session but in the circumstances was the best as the indoor pool was 25m and it was pretty warm in the pool.

The Tuesday morning ride was also on although I told myself if it was raining I would skip it.I had to be at Nedlands by 5.30am as we were doing a 1.5hr hard session.I got up early but I was quite undecided about whether to go as it had rained in the evening.

I eventually got to the city and rode to Nedlands, through lots of debris and pools of water.Got there late and started the session, never quite rode with anyone so it was just me as I saw the others riding . Fortunately it did not rain again and got through the session safely.

Wasn't as fast as the previous week but I managed to sustain a good speed .I did about 60km with the ride back into the city .

Skipped the run in the evening and will run on Wednesday.