Thursday, March 11, 2010


The week has drifted by and I have stuck to much the same routine.

Monday was a non starter as I was just tired after the hard Sunday ride and swim. I had a committee meeting in the evening and just got out of the office late so did not have a chance to get a run in as intended.

Tuesday was the usual ride but Ross was away and Lajos took charge . Rode again with the usual crew and managed to keep up .We hooked up with Stu and he seem effortless in the way he took his turn at the front . the rest had a 15 min run at the end of a 45 min ride but I continued riding for the full hour.I clocked a respectable 34.8kph .

Everyone had disappeared by the time I had finished my ride . So much for training buddies.

On Wednesday , did a good swim session. I had a 1km warm up with drills using flippers.then 4 x 300 m at med/firm pace.I was averaging between 6.45 m and 7.15 m for the sets.In the evening I ran on the thread mill increasing the speed to 13kph and then a cool down for the last 10 mins.I managed over 10km in 55 mins.

Thursday , as I was not riding with Tony I started late and rode to Kings Park near the CBD of Perth and did 4 loops around the park .There was a short climb of about a km and that was a good steady workout .Rode home in the evening .

I am racing this week but will do a long ride on Saturday and hopefully i will still be competitive for Sunday.