Monday, March 29, 2010


Tony and Keith after the swim on a wondarful Perth morning

Cottlesloe Beach and the Tea Rooms

My Saturday Brick session took a fair bit out of me but I was able to get up the next morning without my watch alarm (its on its way to be serviced as the battery is low and it probably does need to be serviced by Polar) .My body is pretty much tuned to get up early on most days.

It was a perfect Perth day. Met at Tony's place and headed to Cottlesloe for the weekly swim .I got the wetsuit out and we waited for Trevor . (who unfortunately was goig thru a rough patch of no motivation or as someone said he has lost his mojo )

I started off after Steve and swam approximately 1.8 km It was tougher on the way back and the water was murky which wasn't as nice as swimming in clearer conditions.It was probably the remnants of the storm earlier in the week. There were a few stingers out but did not get stung. Had about 50 minutes in the water and then we all had coffee and muffin and lengthy discussion about triathlons and especially the crazy athletes who do the deca ironman and the ultimate triathlon :

The Ultimate Endurance Triathlon

I still do not know why I get so excited about this sport but I can talk for hours about it . It is invigorating , captivating and clearly life changing . We talked about Ironman Australia as it was on as we had out coffee.

I mentioned the sad death of a cyclist and blogger from Singapore which I had read and the issues yony had on Thursday with other road users .I am so very conscious as I know every ride has its dangers. That is not to say I will stop is a risk but one I take freely knowing it makes me who I am as a person and adds to my quality of living and gives me pleasure.

Monday morning I was quite tired after the long day being out in the morning and then with my son in the afternoon . The fatigue had caught up with me . I decided to swim in the evening and I ran at lunch time for approximately 47minutes. kept my cadence at about 90spm .I swam in the evening and it felt very comfortable.Did a warm up and some drills in flippers and then a 200 x 6 set with 50 and 25 m breastroke and backstroke bits in the set.then a 100m cooldown.

Its an easy week and I will just be riding round the river tomorrow. Iam reading Joe Friel's triathletes Bible and getting back to the basics of training. A lot of truisms in the book .

I put this quote on my facebook the other day and found it so very true.

"Many dedicated endurance athletes don't need to be told what to do--- they need to be told what NOT TO DO" Scott Tinley ....Chapter 1 The triathlete 's training Bible by Joe Friel

The week went fast and I am feeling reasonably comfortable with my performance so far .I hope its enough to knock down my time for the half but it will be interesting as I have nbot had a dedicated programme to follow.