Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hard Week , Great View

After Tuesdays morning cycle and evening run session , I was pretty tired and again skipped swimming on Wednesday morning. I decided to have a rest day .In actual fact I did not swim the whole week accept for Sunday morning where I was still tired and opted for a short 20-30 minute session at Floreat beach whilst everyone in the group swam a good 50 min session.

It had been a hard week and on Thursday morning I met up with Tony and we rode round the river and had coffee at South Perth before I rode back to the City clocking up nearly 60km .I rode home via the gym and did a thread mill session for 20 mins with 6 x 1 minute sprints @14.5kph with 15 minutes of stretching and then rode home clocking 75km . That was a long day .

I skipped swimming again on Friday morning and in the evening I went to Sorrento to run and watch the North Coast Aquathon, Called a Bradathon to fund raise for Brad Hoskings charity the PMH Children's Burns unit .I ran for 45 mins.

It was a great run although my cadence was in the low 90s and I couldn't quite keep it at 96spm. It was nice to see everyone from the club and the North Coasters who did IM China were there and they had some amazing stories. It was a hard race and they survived.

I have followed Jocelyn Wong's blog and her race report as well as Sofian's .Both were excellent reports from different perspectives. Lots of people came down with some sort of bug and its just the harsh reality of racing in a different environment.
I do feel for those who did DNF after all that training.

Despite the stories and the difficult conditions , I would like to do China one day.