Saturday, March 27, 2010

A fast week

After the significant storm that hit Perth earlier in the week , the weather has cleared but not the debris .That has taken a little longer . Lots of damaged cars that look like someone has just assaulted them with a hammer.

But training went on.I was pretty tired after Tuesday's session so I had a break on Wednesday.On Thursday I had the usual long ride and did 70km riding to work ,then with Tony & Keith who joined us round the river. Tony had a few run ins , first with a bus impatiently trying to turn down a filter lane and couldn't wait for us to get pass quickly enough.Fortunately it did not end in tears . We always come off second best as cyclist.Tony ranted away , understandably . Then just before Stirling Bridge at Fremantle , a bunch of cyclist just came over us without any courtesy zipping in on the wrong side and behind a prime mover whose driver would not have seen them .All dangerous moves.Tony had a go at them but they were not bothered accept the last cyclist telling him to "Chill".

Otherwise it was an uneventful ride.The freeway cycle path was littered with sand and saw one cyclist who was shaken from what seemed like a fall .We crossed over and cycled to South Perth on the opposite side of the freeway.

At lunch time I decided to do a short 45min run and went to Kings Park and did a loop back tomy office .Lots of leaf material on the ground and it was quite humid.
Then cycled home in the evening through bayswater .

On Friday , I swam in the evening.Did a 2.5km session with a 300m warm up, 500m drills and then a 30 min time trial .I thought I did about 1350 but it probably was 1450 and I missed counting a lap. Still the slowest but improving. Will do a few more time trial swim sessions before the Half Ironman.

I was pretty tired after the swim session but feel that if I try to keep focusing on small improvements such as my breathing , my stroke and swim will gradually improve.

On Saturday , as a last minute plan for training ( Iam not on a programme) I met up with the group training under Ross Pedlow at the Narrows bridge for a brick bike & run session.
It was a 100km ride hard ( with efforts in between) and then 45 minute run. We all took off together but within15km of the start the lead fast riders had opened up a gap .I was trying desperately to stay on but just couldn't.I got caught in no mans land till Tania and Sue joined me and we took turns riding in the front.I then took off on my own before Ross dragged the group of them up and I joined them .I then headed off on my own and got to the 50km mark soon after. I saw the main group heading back at the 48km mark so they had about 4 km on me.

The guys behind me turned back earlier as I did not see them again.I headed back trying to lift the pace up and I managed for the next 20km but by the 70km mark my back was a little sore from the aero position.I did 90 km in 2.40 and was averaging 34kph. I got back to the Narrows just before the 3 hour mark at an average of 33.7kph.My fastest yet for that distance. I then ran to South Perth over the bridge and decided to come back through the city and did the run in 52Min's ( distance of 10km) At the end I was getting tired and knew I had not had enough fluid or nutrition.

I was pleased with the result and whilst it was a really nice day with lots of win , I shuld have had more fluids and nutrition.

The week so farlooks like this:
cycle 9 hrs
swim 2 hrs
run 1.5hrs

plus a swim tomorrow.

I have got new run shoes Saucony Hurricanes and tyested them out today and they feel good.Got htem at The running Centre in Perth and had my run analysed before the pair was recommended. I have pretty flat feet but fortunately no injuries. My old pair were pretty much done as the thread was gone and there was no support in the heel.

I have also receved Joe friels The triathlete's Bible in the mail and have started to read it as well. Atleast I hope to learn something new...