Monday, March 15, 2010

Champion Lakes Triathlon

Sculpture titled SEAD by Ken Sealey ,WA taken at Sculpture by the Sea (6th Annual Exhibition) 4-23 March 2010

The weekend culminated in a triathlon out at Champion Lakes , a purpose built rowing facility about 20 km from Perth CBD.

The early morning start was fine and I got out to the start early .Got registered and ready without any hassles .Last year I was late as it was an afternoon start and I actually somersaulted over my bike when my bag got caught in the front was my new bike as well but i managed to race with a slightly bent wheel.

No such problems this year.The water did not look too inviting even though it was a warm 24C .It was a greenish dark tinge and I didn't like it at all.

I was in the third wave and I had a very bad start as I felt really heavy in the legs and the whole swim was just a struggle .I could not get into a rhythm . I got swum over by the next wave 3 minutes behind but managed to finish a bit stronger.

I ran through T1 and got my helmet on and headed out.It was my fastest transition yet.I had clipped my shoes on and had rubber bands holding the pedals and shoes in place.I manged a quick enough mount but no flying jump as there just wasn't any space . got my legs in fairly quick but the bands didn't break so I managed to lean down and break them .no real delay. I was off on 4 laps partly on cycle paths with lots of turns.There was a fair bit of congestion's but I was happy with my cycle leg .I was definitely stuck behind a few cyclist a few times and drafting but not out of choice.It was just so difficult on the cycle paths. A highlight (be it a small one )was overtaking a guy with a disc wheel. I did the mandatory 4 laps and found I had done 25 km on a 21km course (supposedly) It turned out to be a slightly longer course and trievents did not get the road closures required and so used the cycle path and roads within the complex. (maybe they just wanted to save a few dollars and so no road closures)

I had a good dismount and I am getting used getting my transitions done quickly. I racked the bike and got my shoes on and off I went.It was hot by mow and there was no shade.I felt a little slow but the legs were not hurting. I managed a steady pace and finished at 24.12 for the 5km run .I think with fresher legs I would have done a bit better but I managed to sprint pass one runner. Overall I was happy with my performance and I think I felt strongest in the cycle leg and better than the last race at Hilary's a few weeks back.

I finished the race which was a 750m swim , 25 km bike and 5 km run in 1hr.30min.50sec time.


HH : MM : SS
Overall : 263
Gender : 187
Category : 26


HH : MM : SS
Overall : 85
Gender : 79
Category : 9


HH : MM : SS
Overall : 137
Gender : 113
Category : 12

Finish Time

HH : MM : SS
Overall : 146
Gender : 122
Category : 14

I got a complimentary massage . A first after a race for me as there wasn't a queue.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the family .We had lunch ,went to the beach at cottlesloe to watch the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition and then dinner at leaderville.A busy weekend and I was dead tired by the end of the day. I decide dto skip all training on Monday .

During the day and in the evening I watched ironman live for the IM China results .It looked like it got really hot in the run .Not so sure how everyone in North Coast did but Tracey Edwards looks liek she had a very good race and so did sarag Jane. Anna and Carrie guts it out to finish .I wish I was there. I am sure there will be many adventure and stories they will be sharing on their return.

I hope I don't get too philosophical in my blog which is a more of a record and observation of my training.I also hope to difuse the enthusiasm I have for the sport.

I read Enricos interview of Mitch Thrower and it is very inspirational .I found alot he said reflected my own feelings about people and triathlons.

Here are some of Mitch's comments which I so believe are true:

I truly believe that the fountain of youth is movement. Not just with your body, but with your mind. Staying active keeps people young and minds sharp.

When things get challenging in and around the work tornado, it's always been a peaceful reprieve to be able to get out and run, bike or swim or go to the gym.

Ironman's tag line is "Anything is Possible," but I have learned that your dreams may not happen the way you anticipate.

Another very rich part of my attraction to this sport is the support I received from all the folks I met in the triathlon world. Triathletes are extraordinary. At my first race, I immediately knew this was a clan, a tribe I wanted to join and I soon discovered that my experience was no exception. I have never met anyone in triathlon who was not highly motivated, who did not fully embrace life. This sport attracts a very successful breed of folks.

The last quote from Mitch is so true. There are many people in the sport I am inspired by each day and each week. It does not take super human effort or Newspaer headlines to make an impact.Just small steps and importantly to know within what you have accomplished and to gain from that first step. Anything is possible is a life changing motto which you can live by.

To read the whole interview go to Leadership Lessons From triathlons:

(I have corrected the unintended errors in my last blog . I was tardy.)