Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fast Ride Tuesday

I was pretty wasted after Sunday and the whole weekend so despite the alarm at 4.35am ,I just stayed in bed ...my body does have a mind of its own . I ended up resting on Monday .

Tuesday was a different proposition.I managed to get up but still had some lingering fatigue.Made it out for the ride which was an hour hard. Started with James, T , Michelle and Phil.By the end of lap one I was struggling and could not hold on. I just hung onto James and T for the whole of Lap 2 ( approx 12km) and then tried to take my turn infront on lap 3 .I was really struggling and coughing up a lung. Michelle dropped off early in the first round but joined us on the last lap.

I wished I could have worked harder at doing my turn in front of the group but knew if I tried I would not be able to stick with them.Had a few near misses a vehicle tried to reverse into a driveway and blocked us completely.I maanged to come to a halt but just barely .

I think we averaged above 35kph for the hour.It seemed alot faster and I got to a maximum of 51kph .

I knew my body was just so tired and at the end of the ride it did feel like jelly.
Finished the morning session and had coffe at Tiger Lily's.Will post some pictures next week.

Then did a threadmill run for 1 hour with increasing speed and 2/3rd's at 96spm.Did 11km and my poor legs had a bit of a workout today.

Total training time 2.40.