Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another week ...another Ironman race

I have had an easy week .I skipped swimming on Monday as it was a Public Holiday (labour Day in Western Australia for all those outside the State).

Tuesday was an easy ride round the river with the group and again on Thursday I rode to work and round the river with Tony and Keith . On Tuesday and Wednesday I did runs on the thread mill focus sing on my cadence and they were short but hard runs with speed work.One with 8 x 60 sec sprints and the other with increasing speed at a cadence above 96 spm. I still haven't had a long run.

I skipped the swim on Friday and my long ride on Saturday...just tired of the routine. I did do a swim on sunday the coogee jetty swim which was South of freemantle.(40km from my house) I rode down with Tony, Les < Hanna and Trevor.

Trevor had 3 punctures so we were late but still made it to the start line.It was a 1500 m swim and I finished in 30.50 about a minute slower but I was very comfortable and felt I swam alot better than last year despite the time.

Next week It is more of the same but I have to try and getting a long run .The Half Ironman is 7 weeks away.

Watched the results of IMNZ with lots of interest.Enrico finished despite the difficulties in getting to the race line and a North Coaster Adrian Whittaker did a 10.43. The debate on the prize money for the pros is likely to fester for a while.I believe that it is unfair to peg it against the winner's time and be within 8%. WTC makes more than enough in entry fees and sponsorships and most pros do not earn alot.Further the prize money is so small in comparison to other sports and the effort required for a race.How many races can a pro do a year?I believe WTC is being a little mean spirited. If they want to improve the quality of the pro field make the prize money attractive or most of the elite I better off racing the ITU or North American races .They are all hard races but surely racing an Olympic distance race is alot less taxing on the body.

China is next and a few North Coasters will be racingas will Luke McKenzie and Chris MacCormack ,although both are doing the 70.3 distance. Jocelyn Wong of TBB fame will be doing her 2nd Ironman race in 2 weeks.Good luck to them all.