Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swimming Analysis

After my long ride/run session on Saturday 27 February , I had a swim analysis in the arvo with Paul Newsome at the Claremont Pool .I had booked the session after IM Busso in December .(he was pretty booked up) .

The swim analysis was very revealing.My 3 main faults were:

1 My breathing in particular exhalltion which was causing my lungs to remain with air and cause my upper body to float upwards and my legs to sink. My breathing was also causing me to be out of breath and that was just adding to my woes as far as trying to inhale and not focussing on my stroke. The solution is to blow out constantly whilst underwater and to practise the techniques in the various articles below.

2 My entry of the arm particularly the left is crossing over my middle line and skewering my propulsion forward .It also leaves me with the elbow sinking below the hand and leaving me concorted as I struggle to breathe. Focus on my middle finger and trying to keep both arms straight as the hand enters the water .Keep the wrist cocked down and the angle of my elbow at 100 degrees or so.

3 My kicking is splayed and scissor liek and everywhere.Focus on keeping my torso and stomach straight and elongated , squeezing my butt and my two toes touching each other so that the heels of my feet are breaking the water line.

That is the theory but it isn't so easy .

I will focus on one aspect each swim and the main ones will be the breathing and getting my legs much higher as the film clearly shows.

I went swimming this morning at the Cott. It was a flat calm day and I was pretty tired but managed the swim ..Did about 2km and found it good .Not so relaxed and my breathing was still strained.I felt I was kicking better and my legs were higher.
Early days still.

Dear John

Points to remember:

1. Exhale the whole time your face is in the water. Remember breathe-
bubble-bubble-breathe to help you with the rhythm and body balance.

2. Leg kick - focus on kicking from the hips by squeezing your bum.
Point and tap your toes to correct scissor kick.

3. Hand entry - avoid crossing the centre line especially with the
left hand. Practice the sculling and doggy paddle drill with a pull
buoy to help float the legs.

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Paul Newsome