Sunday, August 8, 2010

A beautiful week

Week One of training is over and my soreness from the Painathon as well .But  the heavy legs and tiredness is still lingering .Partially as I still get over the flu and the general fatigue.

Otherwise it was a good week overall. I had an easy hour run on Friday at Lunch time .It was nice and warm and ran round Kings Park for just under an hour. The legs were feeling it at the end as I tried to keep up the form . After attending John Toomey's run coaching session ( every Saturday afternoon ) I try and remember all the helpful hints provided .To keep the legs and stride up and shoulders relaxed and arms moving naturally at the side for momentum.It is hard to break old habits .The cadence of the run will come as I try to keep up the form .Ultimately I need to put in as much volume of running as I can manage.

Summary of his  first session:

Session 1:

  • Relax shoulders
  • Arms forward / backward
  • Thumb/palm to clip hips / belt line
  • Eyes looking 20m or so ahead
  • Even weight distribution when standing!
  • Tuck bum under when stretching quads, standing or kneeling
  • ITB standing stretch, rotate 'injured side' hip forward, lean away from it, good leg is across in front
  • Think 'exaggeration' for a improvement in stride length
  • Develop as much awareness as you can of pelvic stability and glutes working
The drills we did, which are a subset of many out there, included:
  • bum kicks - a good active quad stretch too.
  • high knees - maintainance of forward body lean important.
  • grape vine - great loosener of ITB and associated fascia, adductors, abductors involved.
  • backwards running - focus on heel lift-reach-drive. Use the arms.
  • Knee drives - low and high. Alignment and pelvis control on landing.
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Level 2 Orienteering Coach
Level 1 Triathlon Coach

It was then onto swimming in the evening and was a good session of fast 50m sprints? between 100m firms and cruise. Managed to be consistent with a 45s 50m consistently , but I did use a pull buoy as my legs were tired. Did a 2.3 km session all in and did feel a little more comfortable back in the water than on wednesday. Must be the heaviness in the chest clearing up.
Saturday was the first ride with the Exceed group who ride with CRT from Subiaco.I had an easy 3 hour ride but everyone just took off and I was not sure which group was which so I just jumped on the group with most of the Exceed Triathletes and off we went down Railway Pde towards Fremantle.It was the 2nd group and they were putting on a bit of pace but I just hung onto the back. Unfortunately at the lights at fremantle before the turn onto the bridge across the swan , the lights turned red and I got caught with about 10 others and that split the group.

As we crossed the bridge and started the climb up Point Preston Road I managed to pass the other riders and tried to catch up with the front group.But unfortunately I was not able to catch up with them and the back group eventually caught up with me stuck in the middle.For an easy ride ,I was averaging above 32kph and overall with the ride down to the city I was at 30kph . The group went hard at the Railway Pde Road , point walter road and  3 of us continued to Shelley where we took turns at the front.Michelle who is doing IMWA was pushing hard and she had an easy 3 hour ride on the programme too.  Got back to the city before 8.20 am and I had coffee and a muffin at Tiger Lily's then rode home with Jamie and Michael via the East perth cycle Path. Got home just past 10.20 and overall was a good week of training despite the flu. 

Run : 2 hours
Bike : 8 hours
Swim : 2 hours

The rest of the week was just relaxing and attending the Triathlon Association AGM and then  dinner at the Cinnamon Club , an Indian restaurant in leederville in the evening.