Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week One

leaving Challenge 1 Painathon 2010

City Beach -Challenge 1 Painathon 2010

Week One of Training for Busselton has begun nice and easy.Thankfully as I was very sore after Sunday.

I had Monday off and I was walking funny and had alot of trouble walking down or up stairs and even sitting was a problem.By the evening I was just glad to be able to lie down and not move my aching body.

Tuesday 3 August 2010. I got up early and got to Nedlands for the first Tuesday training session in 3 weeks. The Exceed Triathlon Club training squad was doing a time trial.I was quite sore and the last time I had done a time trial for the same route was last October . It was a 20 km Time trial . We all went off one after the other. I was unfortunately not able to catch anyone and was passed by all the fast riders.I did a 37m 38 sec time which was the slowest and a good 3 mins slower than my last time .My legs were on fire. I rested up in the evening and ended up with a 1.5 hr session with the ride out to nedlands and back.It was cold and I felt it as I did not have a thicker jacket and no full finger gloves on.

Wednesday 4 August 2010. Had my first swim session in a long while.I did a 2.3km session with the Pull Buoy and that helped .I was struggling with my breathing and  fitness .In the cool down I tried to do some kicking but ended up cramping badly.

Thursday 5 August .I again got up early and left the house at 5.15  to try and get to Nedlands to join the group for a ride round the river.It was cold again.I missed the group as i was late .I then rode round to Freo and back to Canning Bridge and the city by myself.Jumped on a peloton along pointWalter and was doing a credible 43kph along the stretch. but I was in the small ring and really spinning round the river.

Got to Tiger Lily's where the few that rode had gathered for breakfast. I rode home again taking it easy and the legs were not feeling too bad.

Week one is an easy week and Iam glad it was.