Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Election Ride and Moving Forward

After friday's swim session with Ross
 Moving Forward at the Election Booth

The week has unfolded much as expected . I had a tough day on Wednesday with a swim in the evening as I just could not get up early.I did do my run at lunch time along the river in Fremantle which made for a welcome change .It was warm but not hot and there was no one about . I ran about 8km and was averaging over 6min pace. The swim session was good and cold as the heater was broken.I did about 2.4km all up . Focused on my arms.we did a few drills and then the main set . I was pretty tired after the swim.

I rode on Thursday but it was a short ride to work and then back . I think I just need a lot more rest . I saw Rod on the way into the city coming back from the interval sessions Exceed was doing at Nedlands on Thursday. Friday , I made it to swimming in the morning which would be a better schedule for me. Was a good session .did a 1km warm up and then 6 x 100m and different paces , 6x 50m and 8 x 25m .Followed by a 200m cruise freestyle , 100m  kick x 2  and a final 100m swim.All up 2.5km swim. Despite the water temperature which was cool , it was a good workout.

I did my easy run in the afternoon in kings park .It was nice and cool and there was a slight drizzle.No one around at 2 pm in the afternoon so it was a good time to run. I was hungry as I had skipped lunch to do the run.

My long Saturday ride was a late start .I seem to really sleep well on Friday nights. It was also the Australian Election day.I eventually got out of the house and headed to Fremantle as the Exceed group were not riding today but having a try out triathlon at Hillary's. I had 3 efforts at threshold . It was an easy start and then from Reid Hwy I started my first effort although there were a few climbs which made the HR go up anyway. I got to Cottlesloe where the Bikeforce Freo group came by and I followed them into Fremantle.I then rode with John Domican , Roger and Alistair back to Trigg. From there I rode to Hillary's and then back home via Marmion and Reid Hwy. I managed to get up to 31.5kph (average pace ) up to City Beach but it fell to 29.5 kph by the time I got home. I ran off the bike for 12 mins and my legs were feeling tired.I had one bidon of Ribena and I fruit and nut bar . Will need to start  up my nutrition next week as I start my 4 hr rides.

Training is much like an election especially when the opposition leader is an Ironman . You have to keep at it , start strong but staying the distance and finishing strong is critical. Riding back with John was a good example of plugging away through winter .I can only keep up with these strong riders as they had just done an extra 30-40kms . I vegetated in the afternoon listening to the non-stop commentary on the elections by all the experts at all the TV channels. That takes endurance ...I just fell asleep.

Bike : 6.15hrs
Run: 3.15 hrs
Swim: 3hrs