Monday, August 23, 2010

Rest Day Swim

John Street Cafe

Cott on Sunday 22 August after the swim

Sunday was a rest day but I decided I needed to get out and have a swim .

I headed out to the Cott with Tony at 7.30am .It was cold and windy . There was a slight swell.We decided to just swim in front of the Tea rooms as it was overcast and the storm clouds looked as though they will be heading from out in the ocean inland soon.It was perfect shark weather and after the death of a surfer at Gracetown it was fresh in everyone's thoughts. There wasn't too many people out in the sea  and we saw a few swimmers jump in and out fairly quickly.

I was still a little tired from my ride the day before and the cold sea water should help the sore muscles. The ocean was cold and despite the wet suits , the limbs and head hurt . We only swam for about 25 -30 minutes and came in.I got dumped by a wave and swallowed a bit of sand. It is so different swimming in the sea again and just had to get comfortable with the roll of the sea . Hopefully as the weather improves , I will be able to start swimming more regularly at the Cott.I do need the practice. Fortunately there was no sharks although after we got out , a few swimmers complained of stingers but I felt nothing .Probably because it was cold and we had wetsuits on.

After the swim it was coffee and muffins at the John Street Cafe . The simple pleasures are enhanced by the trauma of cold sea waterr in the gut.

Monday. I skipped my morning swim session as I slept late and had a long run in the evening .I managed to atleast get the run in . Did a slow easy run at 6min pace and tried to keep the heart rate down .But it wavered at between 71 to 80% of max HR (atleast according to age) It was a cool evening and I ran round Kings Park along Thomas road to the University and then to Matilda bay and back along the river into the City .I managed to run over 15km .I did chase down a runner who passed me but then let him run off into the dark as I tried to get my HR down . I had a tender spot in my foot and that was causing a bit of irritation but other than that I felt very comfortable and did not overstretch myself . Again kept trying to remind myself on my form and my arm action and trying to keep my leg stride up.

I went down to the Runners Centre and saw Cody who showed me the functions of the Garmin and hopefull I will soon be able to post my routes and date on the blog.

In addition I continually visit the Swim Smooth website which is full of practical tips for swimming better:

Mindset Tips for Intermediate level swimmers

could you improve your mental game?