Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rest Day and then Some

Freemantle Sunday afternoon

 Sunday was a rest day and I took full advantage of the day deciding to do nothing else but spend the day with the Family .Went to fremantle partly to collect my water bottles from Jono who had them after the Painathon.

Spent the afternoon at the Parks and fremantle art centre and then into the city for a short walk around the Mall and Borders. 

Monday was a busy day with the NCTC  Committee meeting and back to week 2 of the Programme.I skipped my morning swim as I had a late night and decided against agravating my cough . But did venture out in the evening before the meeting to do my easy 70 min run.As I ran round the bridges , Michelle D was running in the opposite direction so I ran pass her twice . She was doing her run from her programme from the same coach.How funny. especially as she was riding 3 hours on Saturday and she will be at Birwood on Tuesday morning.

Fortunately the meeting ended at 9pm and got home and to bed as quickly as possible although I didn't fall asleep till 12 midnight .So I had a very short 4.45 hr sleep before the alarm went off.It was a cold 4C and I made sure I had my thick cycling jacket.

Did not feel at all up to riding hard this morning after the long absence . As I rode down the cyclepath along Stirling Hwy , I came up to Michelle again and rode with her to Birwood. Ross was sick so he was in his car as we set off in small groups.I was with Jonny H , Rod and a new eider . We soon got into a comfortable rhythmn but I was struggling on the short inclines . I got dropped at the first turn around and struggled to catch up but caught up with Paully and we started working together , with paully doing the longer stretches ahead.coughing a fair bit but we managed to catch up with my group which had disintegrated. Managed 3 laps before 7am and did an average of 32kph including my ride out which was a good start. Rode back to the city and did about 50km 

Coughed a lot on the ride but managed to keep up with Paully who was dropped by the fast group he was with. It is these hard sessions that have helped alot but they are hard.I hope the cough settles soon and the weather gets warmer .My running is still the concern and Yesterdays run was esy and felt alot more comfortable with my run.I concentrated on my arms and stride without being too worried about my cadence .

The Painathon results were posted by Jono:
Painathon results

SOLO Course (1): 19 KP 166.7 km ^

Rank Name Race no Result Challenges
1 Josh Randall Solo 17 8:38:14 10/10
2 Michael Carroll Solo 12 8:53:45 10/10
3 Josh Whitehead Solo 21 8:56:15 10/10
4 David Kennedy Solo 09 9:02:52 10/10
5 Marek Klimczyk Solo 24 9:04:34 10/10
6 Daniel Taborsky Solo 05 9:17:20 10/10
7 Brett Johnson Solo 13 9:18:35 10/10
8 Norm Black Solo 29 10:00:50 10/10
9 Colin Francis Solo 07 10:02:43 10/10
10 Todd Panietz Solo 15 10:09:10 10/10
11 Matthew Oldakowski Solo 18 10:20:02 10/10
12 Michael Parrotte Solo 02 10:41:22 10/10
13 Peter Gill Solo 06 10:45:00 9.8/10
14 Andy Jones Solo 08 10:45:00 9.5/10
15 Rob Adams Solo 11 10:45:00 9.4/10
16 Heath Rabey Solo 22 10:41:30 8/10
17 John Cooke Solo 26 10:45:00 8/10
18 Dave Koopu Solo 28 10:45:00 8/10
19 Joe Cleasby Solo 19   7/10
20 Joe Mcdowell Solo 03   6/10
21 Rhys James Solo 14   6/10
21 Mark Oakshott Solo 04   6/10
23 Paul Falconer Solo 16 8:44:02 5/10