Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Week 3 towards Busselton and slowly shaking the cough which has lingered .

Had a 75 min easy run and did about 12.5km at just over 6 min pace , thanks to my Garmin 310. Lots of improvement ahead. I ran in the evening just before swimming so I was feeling quite fatigued .  I have lots to improve in my running but have focused on just keeping my form as good as possible. Started my swim session a little early and did a longer warm up of 800 m .Then had 4 x 500m but I did 3 with one cruising with a Pull buoy . Felt heaps better in the water and hope that continues. I was probably managing a 2 min per 100m pace .

Usual ride out at Nedlands...only on this occasion I had a pair of 2 left cycling shoes so I had to ride with my runners in the group. I started out with Julianna and Michelle. Got dropped at the first lap as I just could not keep up especially on any short climb. Eventually got into another group in the second lap and managed to stick it out . My average with the ride out was 32kph and about the same as last week although I did stick onto a group of cyclist for the last km to Nedlands so my average overall would have been faster. Did learn how hard it was to ride with runners and not cleats . Some guy cycling and hanging off our group intelligently told me I was cycling without cleats . Not a good I know but even worse demonstration of the intelligent cyclist. I did not come off and I did cause any accidents. I did not try to overstretch myself as I knew how little grip I had.Legs were pretty sore in the end.

After our cycling session , some rules were laid down :


Love your sport

Helmet, lights, bottle & road worthy bike

Be on time

All Road rules apply

Check your ego & Be prepared to work

Be respectful of the coach & fellow athletes

Follow the session,

Keep to left hand side of road

Point out and verbalise obstacles

Ride to YOUR ability

Ride defensively

Enjoy your training and have fun

I hope I did all of these.