Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Week Rolls By

I have had a good week.

The training is slowly shaping up as I lose the cough.Wednesday ,I ran in the evening before my swim doing a 1 hour session with 4 two minute efforts at thresshold. It felt good and although the weight issue was ever present , I felt comfortable and was not wheezing as much. Not the ideal training day as I did my swim session in the evening instead of the morning. We did a hard 2.6km session with a 800, 700 and 600 m block.My longest session for several months.Again I was feeling alot better and not having too many issues with my breathing.

Thursday turned out to be a rest day as I just couldn't manage to get out in the rain. But I have learnt to rest when I feel tired.Very simple but hard for most including myself to follow. Friday was a swim session in the morning , my first again for many months.Again it was a good session although I was at the back of the queue ,I wasn't too far behind the lead group.did about 2.3km and we did a 600m block of 100s and 50s twice . I rode to work and fortunately it wasn't raining.I ran at lunch time for 55 mins and then rode home to make up for the 2 hour easy ride I missed on Thursday eventhough it wasn't 2 hours but 1.15 hr. I also got myself a Garmin 310xt which Iam still getting accustomed too. It at least will allow me to be more accurate about my pacing.Still had some issues loading the software onto the computer. Hopefully I will be able to upload some more accurate data and maps of my runs and rides.

I was pretty tired on Friday evening and went to bed fairly early.Got up at 5am and got out at 5.45am to Subiaco for the CRT ride. There was a drizzle and it was wet on the roads as I tried to make sure I didn't go down .The exceed Triathlon group was there as was Ross who had a cold.I headed out after the firts groupand for 20 mins I was on my own before group two passed me at Claremont.I then stayed with them as we passed Justin who waited for us to catch up.I took my turn in the front and JL shouted good effort as he passed me in the front . I was powering at 43kph and really feeling it especially as I had not had breakfast and was on 1 bidon of Ribena .I managed to stay with the group as we went round the river.At Applecross I was a bit slower as I tried to climb up a hill on my big gear but caught up with the group again at Canning Bridge.Headed for Shelly as we then did another hard session to the end of the shelley section .The group then headed for Manning road and then onto Curtin and Bentley.One of the cyclist , Anthony , had a puncture and I stopped to help as the others whizzed by.Rode back with Anthony and did a fast section on the way into the city and on Stirling Hwy. I managed to educate him on ironman racing in the space of 45 mins whether he wanted to know or not . His wife had just had a baby and he was on his first ride out in a month. I was just glad to break up the ride and I had done my two hard efforts so I was not in any hurry .I had not had anything other than the ribena so my legs were feeling pretty sore by that stage.

I got back to Subiaco and rang Tony who was in Kings Park doing hill repeats .I cycled out to kings Park after a quick coffee but he rang to say he was heading back to the cafe.Turned round and saw Tarnia running back from King's Park to the cafe.Had a chat at the cafe before heading home. 4.00 hrs but only 3 hrs of riding. I had managed just above 30kph but up to Manning Road it would have been faster. Feeling to improvement slowly.

Total time this week:
Run : 3 hrs
swim : 2 hrs
Bike: 6.5 hrs

Sunday was a rest day and I slept through the night without any difficulty for a solid 9 hours.