Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning To Be Uncomfortable

Being Comfortable....

The week in summary

It is boring and very much the stock standard life of a triathlete training.There is only one way to swim , bike and run and only one way to train.

I can't dress up the training .it is long , hard and monotonous.So why do so many of my friends and acquaintances  love it.Why do races still sell out.

I can't explain it and for those who stumble here , I apologise.this is a boring piece of writing about triathlon and is about my week and preparation for a race, my life and commitments are thrown in for added obstacles to manoeuvre

Outside training and triathlons , work and family commitments are just as important .I am reading Chrissie Wellingtons Book "Life without limits"and surfing triathlon sites for scraps of information. There is one important message coming through , Life is a triathlon and the way you lead your life is a real reflection of how you will do a triathlon and vice-versa. It is as much the mental preparation .All sports teach the nuts and bolts of skill in the sport but the mental attitude that has to come to be good.

On Monday , I had a run in the morning doing a short 5km and then swimming although it wasn't on my programme. I was glad to do it a good 2.5km session. In the evening I ran 7kms and I felt slow but better than my morning run. It was warm but thankfully not too hot.

It was the hill repeats at reabold Hill and i got there early and finished as the rest of the squad were piling up Reabold Hill .There were quite a few cyclist riding up . I managed to stay on the big chain ring but not at the smallest gear. The legs were tired as i rode back via the west Coast Hwy which was busy with Utes and trucks. Sadly a cyclist training for the Youth in focus Albany to Perth ride was killed the night before not far from where I was riding. I rode back to the Nedlands and ended up with friends riding the circuit at Birwood where Exceed were out for their 90 minute hard session.

In the evening it was running intervals with 16 minutes at Ï "pace of 4.42 pace per km. I managed to keep at that pace and ran just under 9km for the session.

It was swim training and I was tired but managed to finish the session. Swam 2.3 km . In the evening the squad had a discussion and presentation by Brad on Nutrition.

by far the hardest day for me. We practised transitions and then it was 4 x 15 minutes bike and 5 minutes run brick sessions. These are hard sessions .

In the evening ,we all gathered at Cam build in Osborne park for a wind-trainer session. The legs were tired and I was really tired at the end of the 90 minutes on the wind trainer. Friday I decided would be a rest day.

What does this all teach;

Christian Manetta in his blog recently spoke about fast tracking your best :Fast Track To Your best

In the video clip about Baseball pro Evan Langoria , there is a quote: "Learning to be comfortable with being Uncomfortable"

That is what these sessions are about.

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