Sunday, March 11, 2012

Build Phase

War wounds from bike fal on saturday

Standing in the Swan River after Saturday's training .It was hot

The next stage of the Programme has begun .

Fortunately it was a Public Holiday on Monday and I got to sleep in. It was hot as well and I  did my run in the morning .A total run of 14 km which was pretty sluggish . In the afternoon I swam by myself with paddles , Pull buoy and did 2.8 km with th elast 1 km free style.

Tuesday Morning I drovew to City beach and then rode to hillarys where we did 7 hill repeats and I rode back for a distance of 40km.In the evening we did our Interval runs with 5 x 800m at I pace which was 3.44minutes for each 800m. Ended up running 10.5kms.

Wednesday , I was pretty tired and again slept in and swam a 4pm as I had a meeting at 6pm. Did about 2.8km and again had a session with the paddles and Pull-Buoy. Thursday.I skipped the morning brick session and did the wind-trainer session in the was hot and it was by far the longest session yet.90 minutes with a warm-up , 4 short sprints and then 5minutes x 5 at hard pace . I sweated a bucket load and despite 2 Bidons of water , I dropped over a kg .

On Friday I skipped swimming and instead in the evening did my brick session with the bike leg on a wind trainer.It was hot in the room and the run was refreshing but it was dark and lonely being out there at 730pm. Got through the session and felt really tired .

Saturday.Well I managed to get out of bed and to Deepwater point at 5.20am .This time round there wer at least 5 riders .I left with June  Ward  ( who happend to have won her age group at Busselton) .It was a steady and slow start through the detours and road works.Once we got past Lakeside Shopping centre we were going to start our first of 3 efforts of 10 minutes. Unfortunately , there was a ball of cyclone wire rolled up and june passed it geting a nick on her leg and i tried to get round it but the wire got caught on my crank. I wobbled a bit but managed to slow down rapidly and came down on my right side tearing my knicks and getting a bruise on my elbow and hip and a few scratches on my leg .The bike was fine as I took the brunt of the fall. I dusted myself off and we continued. I got dropped by june in the first effort and she was 500metres down the track at the end. I maintained my pace and really worked hard on the efforts but my Heart rate remained low , possibly from the fatigue of the Thursday and Friday sessions. I rode 50km with the last effort with Gary , another person in the squad . We turned around and I followed Gary back and then after 15km took a turn at the front but gary probably put in a larger share till we hooked up with the road cyclist and he dragged us along for 10km before he dropped us on a short climb. I rode the rest of the way back to deepwater Point. Just before we got to the car park i got a cramp and had to ease up. The run of the bike was tough . I managed in the end to maintain a 5.30min pace and did the 10km in 55 minutes. I finished my 3rd Bidon of cordial and then got a drink from the cafe .I had 4 bidons and I was still thirsty.On the way home I bought some cans of coconut juice and had 3 cans and another bidon of water. I think it was over 35 C when I finished my run . I then just got into the river and cooled down .

SUNDAY: I was sore but managed to get to City Beach where i rode down to Coogee with Trevor and Les . The conditions for the swim were great and did a 28.34 a PB for me by just over 2 minutes from 2 years ago. I had a good swim as I managed to draft behind a female swimmer and then tried to jump onto the legs of a swimmer coming by but got dropped pretty fast .I then jumped onto another swimmers feet for the last 400meters  and felt quite comfortable in the swim. The ride was a bit of a struggle.It was pretty hot and riding my heavy road bike was just no fun.

It has been a good week of training .As Brad says it is now in the bank. Just have to let the war wounds heal.

The week so far: Swim : 2 sessions , 2hours or 5.6km ( with Coogee swim  1.5km or 1/2 hr)
Bike : 6 hrs 50minutes or 212km ( and 50 kms for the ride down to Coogee a further 2 hours )
Run: 3.52 or 39km Core/Yoga: 1.5hrs

Total : 15hrs 52 minutes