Sunday, March 4, 2012


Tuesday morning at Reabold Hill 6.15am

Swan River Deep Water Point at start of Saturdays Ride

JJ at Hilary's

Sunset at the Boat Harbour

Win Trainer Session 1 March 2012

Recovery week is really not that easy .it is actually a reduction in volume for the the body to adjust with no let up on the intensity of the work out.

After Tuesday's run session which was not a high volume session legs did feel quite tired with the 200m sprints and after Thursday's session I was really tired. Saturday was a 90km ride .Riding as you feel. I headed to Deep water point but there was no one around so i rode on my own. Unfortunately i changed my tires the night before and the back wheel was flat. I sacrificed one of my canisters and it seemed firm was a slow leak and i did not have a pump .The tire was probably not at the right pressure and it felt a little flat but better a ride than none. It was pretty comfortable for the first 45km with some wind . i got passed by a group but they then slowed up so i had to work pass them again and caught a rider on his won (part of the group) Got some relief riding behind him but then worked passed him for the rest of the distance.he dropped off before the end of my turn around.

The ride back was harder.I was feeling it in my legs at the end. Lingering concerns about whether the tire will last as well did not help.
By the 70km mark i was hurting . partly because of the tire and the wind was just stronger . Finished with an average of 30kph. not the fastest but it was harder than normal . the tire was flat by evening I

In the afternoon I had my 1.5hrs of yoga.That really hurt my legs and I was pretty sore in the evening. I slept like a log and fortunately I had a rest day on Sunday . I wasn't racing but lots of friends were.

IMNZ was the main race this weekend . It was shortened to an 70.3 race after the difficult weather conditions forced the cancellation of the race on Saturday. It seemed from the times that it was still tough out on the course .

Whilst everyone racing NZ were disappointed about the cancellation, it was the only obvious decision to make. Despite the sacrifice and time devoted to training , it is only a race. Taking unwarranted risk is just not on the cards. The organisers must and did always have safety as the up most consideration. There are now too many endurance races in difficult terrain where safety corners are cut or not enough resources devoted to ensure total safety with horrendous consequences.

Racing , like training is about challenges but also about keeping a perspective about LIFE.

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