Sunday, March 25, 2012


Craig Alexander winning the inaugural Ironman Melbourne 2012
I did nothing today other than follow on the Internet the progress of friends and acquaintances racing Ironman Melbourne.

I can't help feeling a little envious of those racing. I prefer to be in the thick of it than on the sidelines. I wasn't even able to race at Hillary's today despite entering the race  before my fall.

But it was meant to be , the body has taken a  bit of a battering and  I will be coming back in careful measures.

I am sure there are lots of stories of the journey these  triathletes have taken. I know of several and I am full of admiration not just of the times achieved but the dedication. I sent the usual messages of Good luck , its more than luck and its more than just a race , it is the journey ( cliche as it is)  . You need to enjoy the journey to truly understand the meaning of racing an  Ironman. I remember all the training and the time spent in preparation. For me , not being in contention for a Kona spot , it is about the preparation and achieving a personal best .For many others it is a serious run at a slot.

Some achieved the almost unachievable.All credit to them as there are a 1000 stories of sacrifice and perseverance.where  many  miss out despite their best efforts. Others take years and that achievement is all the more sweet. I know a few today who have got the elusive slot.Some for a second time and others for their first trip to Kona.

It is a privilege and a thrill to share in their joy and triumph , as it is the many who have done their first Ironman  race today.

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