Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whats so easy about easy week

Its about 4 weeks to Ironman Busselton and its my easy week before the taper begins although I still have a 150km ride next Saturday .

This week was relaxing. Wednesday was pretty hot and I did my run at 5pm and the temperature was over 35C I did an hour with 4 x 2 min efforts .Clocked about 11.88 km .

Then did my swim session of 2.4km Thursday I didn't ride but just did an easy run .

On Friday I rode to swim training and then to work .It was a good session but i got lapped . We did a 1000m , 600m and 400m set and a warm up and cool down.A total of 2.5km . Rode home in the evening but it was a short ride of 30km .

Saturday , I had a 3 hour easy ride so i left late and rode up the coast to the Northern suburbs .my old tramping grounds.Stopped by at MacDonald's Joondalup for coffee where all the NCTC members gather after their ride. I then rode back .It was a nice cool day but the wind along Marmion was quite strong at times . Rode back home in an hour to complete my 3 hour easy ride . did just over 88km .

Training time:

Run : 3 hrs or 32km
swim: 2 hrs or 5km
bike: 6hrs or 180km