Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Taper Time

White pointer skull at the WA Museum ... the only place I have seen one

Sunday was and is my rest day . But as I have done for the last few weeks I have swum at Cott on Sunday morning. This morning was a great day to be out on the ocean It was flat and the sky was clear. We did a rather short swim past Blue Duck cafe and back.I took 38 minutes and lots of zig-zaging .I should have just stuck onto the feet of one of the swimmers.I even collided with a swimmer coming in the opposite direction . Big ocean but collisions will happen . The water was cold but it was good for the body. Feeling good after the ride yesterday and ready for the week ahead.

The final 3 weeks before the race and the taper starts. It is time for the body to recover .A short piece from Runners World on Tapering :,7120,s6-238-244-255-5958-0,00.html 
Countdown to an Ironman: Dave Scott's 21-day Tapering Plan from

The taper starts from Monday but there are still some longish rides and hard sessions . I have never completely dropped off my training although in 09 I was pretty tired at the start of the half as I did my full training session without a break and then went into the race with a days rest. Did quite well with my PB for the half distance at 5.16 so there is no real rhyme or reason for how it all pulls together for the race.

But overall I can't complain about how the training has unfolded. I would liked to have had more running and hill work but there are just so many hours in the day. definitely less colds and the flu next year.

Total workload for the week:
Swim : 2.5 hrs 6.7km
Bike : 9hrs or  280km
run: 5 hrs or 49km
total : 16.5hrs