Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeward Bound

The last hard week and I am feeling Good. Pretty new feeling as I am usually exhausted but as i have commented this time round I have not stressed too much and I have kept to the programme and not overdone it.

Tuesday was the last long hard hour and half session. There was just Michelle and me.Alistair I think had already started his session.As I climbed up the hill onto Birwood I saw Michelle slumped on her tribars probably hoping I wouldn't show . I later learnt she had another accident with her sister Katy now out of the Busso Ironman with a second broken collarbone in 3 months when a car pulled out on them. Really bad luck .Michelle had some bruising but otherwise was fine.I didn't know this as I started my session with her. There is no small talk as we both know what the session is.It is 5 laps or 50km plus of hard work. I felt good but a little tired with 5 and a half hours of sleep .

The weather was good and it was nice and bright a far cry from the start of 6am sessions in the dark. It was light at 5am . Rode comfortably. Michelle and I took turns and by 6am we had done 2 laps and I tried to catch the groups but after the third lap and half the fourth lap we caught up with Tarnia and Meredith's group .It was hard going with only 2 of us and I manage to lead for much longer tracks of the ride . By the 5th lap I felt pretty good and in the last 3 km caught another cyclist and we changed the lead for the rest of the ride before she turned off birwood.I had averaged 34.3kph with my ride to Nedlands. The legs were fine as I did not have the build up of lactic I usually get. Although with the number of climbs there were moments when I was about to hit the wall. But according to Jocelyn Wong's blog ( the TBB Asian Pro Triathlete ) the
piece she wrote on How to be a Gun Biker in 5 Easy Steps"" included this advice:

If you don’t feel like you are about to vomit or cry while biking, then you aren’t going hard enough.

Well I didn't feel like I was about to vomit so I wasn't working hard enough but I have had Tuesday sessions when I came pretty close to chucking . I went hard and after five laps felt pretty good . That is probably all I can wish for.