Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday at the Beach

Cottesloe beach Sunday Morning
John Cafe after the swim

Sunday is a rest day and I usually just do a short swim of 35 mins .I wanted to do a slightly longer swim but everyone was pretty tired from their long Saturday ride. It was the tenth anniversary of ken crew's death at Cottesloe so there was a 2 page article in the west Australian.

As we approached the beach , the sky was overcast and the sea whilst quite calm with just a slight swell did not look inviting.It was typical shark weather. But we soldiered on. We swam a straight 16 minutes to the 2nd buoy after the Blue Duck cafe and then headed back .i managed to just pip Trevor for line honours , a first for me given that they were pretty tired from their bike ride of 170km and I had an easy week.

I was feeling very strong and did not feel uncomfortable in the water throughout. although it was a short swim.Ended up doing approx 1.6km although it was hard to tell as the Garmin isn't accurate.

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On Monday morning it was the start of the last hard week before the taper begins .I had a long run but split the run into 2 hour long sessions ,one at lunch time in the heat of the day and the second in the afternoon at 5pm . Did 20km with the first 10.7km  a  little faster and the second 9.5km at 6min pace keeping my heart rate as low as I could .

Then did an hour swim , managing 2.7 km . It was a slow swim compared to my swim at the Cott but again felt good and did not push hard throughout especially as my legs were tired from the run.  

The rest  of the week will be hard but generally it has been less strenuous then previous campaigns. I am conscious that I do not overdo anything as it is easy to get an injury at this point. Will start testing out the equipment and getting the bike ready.

I am also planning on doing some fundraising .Details to follow and I hope as many people will give their support.