Thursday, November 18, 2010

Losing My Religion

My week started off with a lie in . No swimming on Monday morning .I did do my run at lunch time and did a relatively fast 1.02 for 12.5 km .the first 5 km was at under 4.30 pace and then I slowed down to about a 5 min pace which i managed to hold . I felt pretty good especially after the ride and swim on the weekend. No fatigue in the legs but I did have alot of rest.

I swam in the evening and did about 55 mins and covered about 2.7 km . Again felt relatively good and did not push myself hard.

Tuesday ...Had to get up early for the Nedlands ride . But not as early as last week so i got to sleep till 4.50am . The small luxuries of life? I got out to the city and rode to nedlands .It was pretty nice day and we had a large group of atleast 15-18 cyclist.

We all started off in groups of 3 to 4.I was with Tarnia, Michelle and Juliana. Rode down birwood and after the short climb I managed to pull away from the rest , purely unintentional , as I saw the group in front and just had to catch them. Rod flew pass me and I got on to the back of his wheel and then got to the turnaround when we caught up with the front group  but I decided to wait for my group to catch up but it didn't happen and then Jamie , Jaason and Alistair came past so I jumped onto their back wheel and followed them back to the start of the loop and then waited and rejoined my group. Did 2 more laps and a short bit and felt comfortable .Averaged 33.8 on my speedo with my ride out to Nedlands which had my average speed at 28.2 so it was a fast ride today .Over the 37 km in the hour I averaged over 35kph.

Some of the guys were above 40kph . It was the final hard ride on a Tuesday for a while at least.

Wednesday 17 November 2010
Did my swim in the morning . it was just nice weather wise. Started off with a 500m warm-up.Lots of swimmers in the lanes today .we had about 8 in our lane. After the warmup we did 4 x 500 sets of medley , 100m easy,medium,firm and fast . It was a good set and I kept up with Lockie one of the swimmers in my lane but we were dropped fairly quickly by the otherf swimmers.Followed that we a cooldown of 200m .All up did 2.6 km.

In the arvo I had a meeting so I did my run at 4.15 and ran round Kings Park with 5 x 4minutes at pace..Did not have my garmin and ran on feel .it was nice and warm and I was the only one running around Kings park at half past 4.

Thursday was just a ride .i rode from the city to Nedlands and followed the Exceed group as they did a brick session riding round Mosman and running off the bike at 3 spots.i just rode loops till they got back on the bike.It was a high cadence ride and just kept pedalling in the small chain ring .It was hard work especially on the hills .

It was a fairly easy day . Feeling a little sluggish today.

Ironman Busselton is now only 2 weeks away and looking forward to the race. Getting my gear ready for the race and will start my preparation next week.