Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparation for an Ironman

Nothing prepares you for race day.Everyone is nervous and so many factors can determine the outcome. But despite all that ,  I don't worry . What I can do is to :

  1. Prepare as best I can
  2. Do not panic
  3. Test and run though everything and anything I plan to do or use on the day
  4. Never try something new on race day
  5. Have a goal and or several goals
  6. ask or seek advice well before the day and
  7. Never listen to advice and suggestions in the week leading up to Ironman  or you will be breaking rule 4
  8. make lists and get everything ready a week in advance
  9. Have a nutrition plan for the whole race and keep to it
  10. Enjoy the atmosphere , your fellow triathletes and the race
  11. Be thankful ...for the experience , the training , the ability to do so , the support of friends and family
Those are my thoughts and below are some of the comments from Rossco each year.Not everything but the more important pointers.


You’re fit.

You’re ready.

You have done the right training.

It is time to race.


Rule 1 - At certain stages throughout the race it will hurt.
Rule 2 - If you are not or have not hurt it will at some stage to come.
Rule 3 - The pain and hurt will go away.
Rule 4 - It hurts more if you stop.
Rule 5 – Never give up. No matter how bad it gets. The best victories are the ones hardest earned.


Positive Thoughts leads to

Positive Actions leads to

Positive Results.

Day before stay out of the sun.

Be mentally prepared for the journey.

Enjoy it. It is actually fun.

Be smooth and quick through transition. Know what you want, get it and go. No use wasting 20 minutes at both transitions.
Keep it simple.